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October 8, 2015 by wsadmin

Las Vegas SEO

In this article we are going to talk about some of the Search Engine Optimization and marketing techniques we use for our Las Vegas ¬†SEO customers. Our hope by writing this article is to not only inform our potential customers on the white hat methods we use for search engine marketing, but to help those thinking using other companies make a more informed decision. We care about our fellow Las Vegas small businesses and would hate for them to spend thousands of dollars on companies offering magic beans, instead of proven search engine marketing techniques. Too many companies in Las Vegas are using black hat techniques that are obsolete, doing nothing for your place in SERP’s (search engine results page’s), and getting their customers’ sites blacklisted by Google.

What’s so bad about black hat Search Engine Optimization?

At the turn of the millennium, black hat Search Engine Optimization was running ramped, and to be honest it was a much easier technique for people that didn’t understand the principles of behind white hat SEO. Instead of performing true search engine optimization and writing unique user content, they used; directories, rss feeds, and blog comments creating a spammer’s paradise.? They wanted to generate as many back links as digitally possible, even from PR1s with no search engine value. Fortunately, Google caught on to this and released a series of algorithms that ignored back links from websites with no content relevance, follow links, while making unique user curated content its primary focus.? Sadly, the majority of SEO/SEM companies are still using these outmoded techniques. Why Because they’re lazy and unwilling to do the work necessary to create a content rich site.

White hat techniques that work

#1 Content Rich Website


A content rich website should be every search engine optimization company’s primary focus, because it is the primary component Google looks for. This doesn’t mean you should write a bunch of articles with your targeted keywords saturated throughout the article that’ll end up sounding like a 4th grader wrote it, and no one will be willing to share those articles. The articles on your website should be well written, unique, and something people actually want to read. The articles’ titles can hint at your keywords as long as it sounds like smooth syntax.

#2 Social Syndication


Social syndication the most effective form of getting your content in front of users.? Instead of having spammy social networking accounts we’ve created accounts for several niche fields; tourism, marketing, housing, sports, and etc.? Meaning we have created an account for each one of these niches on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit.? After writing an article for our client we will log onto the social networking accounts within that niche field and begin to share their content, triggering other readers to share that article, gradually increasing their reach.

#3 Website Search Engine Optimzation Coding

Website Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs to be properly optimized for search engines so they can better understand what kind of website you are, the content you offer, and where you are.? Our websites come out the box fairly optimized but we take additional steps for our SEO clients that include incorporating metadata, optimizing Google sitemaps, fixing image attributes, and cleaning up all tags throughout your website.? If your website hasn’t been optimized for search engines they’ll have a pretty tough time understanding what you’re all about.

#4 Directory Listings & Reputation Management

We pay a monthly fee for a service known as Yext that allows us to take our clients’ customers business address, phone number, hours, and details to over a hundred business directories with substantial page rankings that include; Yelp, Google Places, WhitePages, and more!? These directories also allow our clients’ customers to submit reviews about their companies.? We manage our clients’ online reputations by pushing down bad reviews (often written by a competing business) with good reviews!

#5 Keyword research and content developed around the keywords

We will research your industry and niche and develop lists of relevant keyword that have good search volume and low competition and get you into the results pages.


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