What’s in your Brand Vision Statement?

January 6, 2016 by wsadmin

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In digital media, we create custom flyers, websites, emailers, banner ads and all other sorts of mediums to broadcast your company message. However, have you ever thought about what we are actually promoting? The starting point for any company’s media is it’s logo. And the starting point for a company logo should really be, “who and what is this company”. Without that fundamental question answered everything that stems from it’s creation can run the risk of straying off course from where the business really creates it’s revenues.. Recognizing the core function and revenue center of the business is what really sets the tone for how the logo should look and what symbolic and subconscious messages it should carry inside of itself. Take for instance the FedEx logo. For most people, it looks as simple as just a type font Fed Ex. However, look at it again. Remember we are a visionary brand. And I also Know of a brand… Carpet Cleaning Seattle WA  That are geniuses in branding check them out!

Look at the white space between the “e” and the “x”, do you see the white arrow moving forward Of course you do now. But I bet until this moment you never ever saw it and from this moment, you will never ever forget it. These subconscious and hidden patterns, structures and images live in all of our daily lives and area associated with all sorts of things that help you make decisions about where and what you will decide to visit, purchase, try-on, eat or even love! And while it seems difficult to really nail down how your small business can become a brand, that’s where we come in; the designer.

Designers see things in different light and are thrilled to create visual designs that give you an emotional response. By beginning at the true beginning, we can create a graphical structure that compliments and matches your brand vision statement (BVS). Let’s look at some brand vision statements to understand what this really means.

Goodwill:Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Special Olympics: To transform communities by inspiring people throughout the world to open their minds, accept and include people with intellectual disabilities and thereby anyone who is perceived as different.

Smithsonian: Shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world

I bet you thought the Goodwill was just a place to donate clothes and buy used cheap stuff, but their vision is pretty spectacular with where they are taking their business. Same thing with the Special Olympics and the Smithsonian. Now I know what your thinking, “I’m just a small business” and the answer here is yes you are. But, don’t forget as a small business whatever you are doing needs to be special and a nice little niche that you fulfill with your sparkling company. And the way to tell the world is with your BRAND showcased in your very own CUSTOM LOGO.

The logo if done well tells a story about you and whoever it is branded along side of. For the remainder of your business you will be busy creating those custom flyers, websites, emailers, banner ads and other medias we talked about above, but really it’s all being created to showcase your logo. Every piece of print and every digital pixel is just a logo showcase, once you start thinking that way suddenly putting a little upfront effort in your business logo makes all the sense in the world, and in front of the logo delivers us at the topic of this article: What’ your Brand Vision Statement?

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