Traditional SEO Is Dead

September 13, 2015 by wsadmin


Traditional SEO is dead. Search engine optimization is no longer cut and dry. In the past you could create some half-assed content and build a whole bunch of backlinks ┬áto it and all of a sudden your ranking in Google. Google is not only the most intelligent search engine on the planet Google is literally the most intelligent entity that has ever existed in the history of humankind. You don’t think that they can tell spammy signals coming from all sorts of different places. If your content is not phenomenal and your backlinks are not exceptional your rankings are not only not going to go up, but they most likely will decline.

The thing is you might not have the budget of Nike, G.E. or Boeing but Google wants you to have the same quality content as these multi-million and billion dollar companies.

So how do you complete? How do you do it even in relatively non competitive niches? It’s hard to get your site on to the first page of Google. You can hire an SEO company that might half ass it through the work and build some spammy backlinks but in the long run this is not what it’s going to keep your site on the first page of Google. White-hat, grey-hat , black-hat SEO that’s all crap too. It’s all about all hat SEO. All hat SEO is a term that to me means doing whatever it takes to create quality within your website. You wear all hats in order to appeal to all people within your niche or within the demographic that you were trying to target.


So how do we get to the nuts and bolts of all this. The first thing that you have to do is you have to research what the people on the first page of the search results are actually doing, that is the sites on the first page of the Google’s search engine response pages that are within the niche or targeting the keywords that you are trying to rank for.

In my experience keyword research is beneficial but keyword research is not what it used to be. It’s all about topical research these days. What topics or what overall discussions are going on right now on the web. Keyword research is all about what was happening yesterday we need to foresee what is going to happen tomorrow.

And how do you find out what’s relevant right now? You go to places that are buzzing with recent information. Places like Instagram, Snapchat, The Huffington Post, the PBS News Hour. Places that have content that is current, relevant and is buzz worthy.

And then you create content with direction of social signals and relevancy pointing back to your content. This is easier said than done. I spoke those words within one or two sentences but we’re talking about days of research and hours of content writing.


This is where SEO experience┬ácomes in. This is what we do we handle several different types of clients and several different types of niches and we get them ranking on the first page of Google. I generally start with the social media presence. Starting the Google my business page, Facebook page, Snapchat set up Instagram etc. etc. social signals are very important. This is where the relevancy comes in. Google wants you’re content to be as relevant as it possibly can be. It wants to be on the cutting edge of everything and believe it or not even though Google is the most intelligent and quick thinking entity that has ever existed on the planet it’s still is one step behind the human condition. And what I mean by the human condition is what is happening in the present interaction of humanity. These social interactions can be mapped on these relevant social media sites.

So at The Web Squad we make use of relevancy within a particular niche by adapting certain current events and build content around that topical research. Not necessarily keyword research, but topical research and relevant content that we can use to point those signals back to the page or site. Backlinking comes easy at this point because people want to link to relevant content especially content they didn’t even know they needed to link to. So I build the content I do some outreach I create huge lists of link prospects and I say,” look this is what’s relevant, this is what you need to link to”, “I have the information you really want send me a link”; and before you know it they send me a link they tell someone else to send me a link and bam we have the content that everybody wants to link two. Most of the time people don’t even know what they want or need until they see it and that’s what The Web Squad does we look into the future, we look at what is relevant we look at what it’s cutting edge and we adapt your niche to the relevancy of the current content. This is just a glimpse into how I construct my SEO strategies. Thinking outside the box is not even what we do. There is no box, we create the world that the content lives in and we send the signals out that help people understand that we are the ones they need to link to that we are the ones that they need to talk about. That you have the business or the website to where they need to be focused and when that happens ROI increases, click-through rates increase, bounce rates decrease, and everybody makes money and everybody’s happy.

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