Custom Logo Designs

At The Web Squad we walk you through our 3 step custom logo design development process to understand your business before just starting a random design. We start by helping you solidify your Brand Vision Statement (BVS) where we can create black and white graphical concepts focusing on the graphical structural to correctly represent the business without color getting in the way. Next we colorize your new logo structure and then finally we apply any treatments necessary such as special effects.

Ultimately your business logo needs to reflect the Brand Vision Statement so that it can be seen and repeated 100 times without any loss in translation. Whether your logo is discovered for the first time or passed on a business card from one customer to the next, it should easily tie into the main revenue stream of your business by associating your function and brand in one memorable graphic and do so in 5 seconds or less without major explanation. That is our definition of a great logo! At The Web Squad we aim at providing you with a unique and artistic logo that defines your business just by looking at it. Every successful business that you can think of has a trademarked and recognizable logo, either by their unique colors, shapes or patterns. If you are ready to build your business and take the branding to the next level then consider starting here with our Custom Logo Design for your website and company media.