The Winds of Change – Adapting to the Ever Evolving Internet

January 31, 2018 by wsadmin

Change is scary. And who can keep up with all of it?! The internet changes so much you sometimes don’t have a chance to¬† be scared, you have to just jump in and hope for the best. What if it didn’t have to be that way. What if there was someone to watch whats changing and help you navigate these vicissitudes well informed.


The Web Squad is a essentially a think tank with a group of educated designers, programmers and marketers that have dedicated their live to understanding everything internet. From market psychology to apps built with React.js, We stay abreast on all levels to help keep your business or businesses relevant and or get them off the ground.

Many web development companies are stuck in 2010 where PHP dominated and Google was friendly. Little do these dinosaurs know that data drives everything now. From customer engagement to a User interface that doesn’t scare customers away with over-complication. Data will make or break a business.

What am I talking about? Who are your customers? Where do hey hang out? what do they do there and how are they engaged? if you have never thought about these things then you are seriously behind the curve. It is this basic data that will determine the direction of your company.

This should direct your social media habits, the way your website is built and behaves, and how you go about any marketing campaign.

And believe it or not, how the code that renders your site and or app is a huge part of this. If this is all making your head spin that’s GOOD! That means there is a lot to learn and we have a lot to teach you. We never see a challenge as a negative, only a problem with a soon to be discovered solution.

Lets start a strategic partnership! Free consultation and a proposal on paper in your hand no strings attached. You take it home and think it over and determine a direction for your business.

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