Enhance your web site Strategy for Marketing: SEO for beginners

January 9, 2018 by wsadmin

 Las Vegas web design: SEO for beginners

Las Vegas web design: SEO for beginners

Las Vegas web design: SEO for beginners is the title of this article but really this are SEO tips for the entire world. Are you ready to enhance or create your Las Vegas website design for SEO? Before you start choosing your keywords, considered the following questions:

  • What is your website about?
  • What is the purpose of your site?

Once you have answered these important questions, you are now ready to optimize for Search Engines.


Choosing the right keywords before you have written a bunch of content, is essential. You want your web site’s content to reflect information surrounding your keywords.

Make your website about one thing:

Yes, I know that your site is going to involve more than one topic, but choose one primary subject. Do you have so many ideas, that you don’t know how to select just one? Well, I suggest that you try your best to choose one primary topic that is essential to your message.

Picking a central focus is important because it transforms the direction of your website. After you have made a list of keywords; I’m sure that you will start to notice a theme developing in your brainstorm. Use that theme to drive your primary subject.

 Mentioning keywords:

Make sure each page has a principal focus, and scatter relevant keywords in the sites title, domain name, descriptions, tagline, keywords, blog categories, page titles, and content pages.

Although keywords are what help to optimize your site, remember to keep your keyword usage simple. Include words that reflect your site’s topics and be sure to tuck keywords into an images’ title, description of alt attributes, and file names.

The secret here is to keep your keywords simple while frequently updating or interchange your keywords. This keeps your site relevant, and fresh.

Las Vegas web design: SEO for beginners


You want to be intentional about linking your homepage and your inner pages. Having a smooth professional linking structure is crucial for customers. How your linking flows is capitol. Clients are less likely to use your services if navigation on your website is not intuitive.

I recommend keeping your site clean, and functionally easy to understand. For example, use permalinks that are representative of the keyword that a page is targeting. Never use exact match keywords in your URL’s. This is now considered spammy. I would also make sure that the  navigation structure is set up for user friendliness.

Not only does it look more professional, but it  also helps a potential client or customer get to where they want to go more fluidly and easily.

Remove non-essentials

Always remember that less is more. For example, extra plugins and extra code that may slow down your site is very bad for SEO.

If your site has any unnecessary plugins like music player, large images, flash graphics,this will slow down you site considerably. Slowing down load time get you seriously dinged with Google and Bing.

Customers can be impatient, and especially if they aren’t yet sure if your site is what they need. If your site has excessive lag, it could be the reason why a potential customer decides to look elsewhere.

Stay Relevant

Did you know that websites with dynamic content often rank higher than other sites? For this reason, it is important to update your website frequently.

Updating your website keeps your content fresh, your site relevant, and trendy. When it comes to Las Vegas SEO, it is important to have website that is frequently updated.

If you don’t already have a blog, consider adding one. Blogs are a great way to establish communication with your customers, increase virtual traffic, and create brand awareness. This is another way to add to your site daily.

Domain Name

I know that it is easy to get antsy when you just want to increase your site’s SEO ranking.

The best advice I have for this is being patient. Don’t do anything rash, like change or continuously change your domain name.

The age of your URL is a factor in your site’s search engine rankings. So I warn against switching things up too much, too often.

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