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October 20, 2016 by wsadmin


SEO for 2017 And Beyond

The old days of crappy links and crappy content are long gone. I’m going to go out on a limb and say automated spamming, fishy postings, all these old spammy techniques are going the way of the dodo. As of late I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of different SEO techniques.

I built out three tier two tier PBN Networks, Web 2.0 networks, and have been trying to rank sites fresh off the expired domain list. We have to remember that Google is by far the most intelligent entity that has ever existed on this planet. Who are we to think that we are going to game that system. Hubris, that’s what it is.

We may think that we’re intelligent, we may think that we are pretty smart, and we may very well be pretty freaking intelligent, but what you’re not going to be is smarter than a thousand PHD’s sitting in a room thinking about how you’re trying to get over on them.

So what do we do? Well, we have to do what the big boys do. What does Charles Float do? What does Ryan Stewart do? What does Neil Patel do? Obviously they make phenomenal freaking content. They make content that is indisputable. They make content that is invigorating, that is captivating, and that grabs you by your ball sack and drags you across the room because that’s where you want to go.

When you’re looking for that certain thing you’re looking for that spark. You’re looking for the answer to that question that you don’t even know you have yet. That’s what these guys do. They are creating content that you have to read because it’s relevant to the things that you’re doing right now.

So let’s get back to the techniques that I’ve been testing. I started building a private blog networks to rank sites. And I started noticing that none of these sites were ranking. I was checking the metrics and rechecked the metrics. I checked the backlinks trying to see what was going on.

So I built another one. Maybe my first private blog Network just wasn’t up to par because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. The second one was about a 12 site network. All the sites had great metrics, all of the pages were indexed by Google, I had my .htaccess files setup, they all had great content, and I didn’t even post a link until I had at least three thousand words on each site. They had authority, they had backlinks, and they had good content. You couldn’t even really tell that these were PBN sites.

They look like a legitimate websites. Still nothing. Nothing was ranking. Nothing was moving in Google Analytics, flat line.

I wasn’t ranking for any keywords nothing was moving. So this led me to the conclusion that PBN’s don’t work. So I built another one this time I created a 15 site PBN. They all had great content amazing metrics and I didn’t even post a link until I had at least 4000 words on each site. They had Authority they had back links they had good content.

Still nothing nothing was ranking nothing was moving Google Analytics said flat line. I wasn’t ranking for any keywords nothing was moving. So this led me to the conclusion that PBN’s don’t work. So I built another one this time I made 15 site PBN and I did the metrics and I redid the metrics and I made sure everything was legitimately indexed in Google, I made sure that the content was solid I made sure that all my ducks in a row and I tried to rank a site.

I used Alex Becker’s techniques I used Charles Floats techniques I use the techniques of all of the big boys, to no avail. Nothing was moving I was perturbed I didn’t know it was going on I check the metrics and recheck the metrics again.

I looked for toxic links, maybe a site was spammed to death back in the day and was toxic and missed it maybe this other one was spammed back in the day. Everything was solid Way Back Machine every metric everything you can think of everything was in line. I even built a web 2.0 tier around the PBN to add some juice. I bought social signals I created social signals. Created some links to the 2.0’s and pointed them to the PBN’s, and nothing worked.


So what have I ascertained is that these things don’t work anymore. PBN’s don’t work black-hat SEO doesn’t work. Google does little updates they do these little mini tweaks constantly that you never hear about from what I understand and from what I’ve seen and researched is that these little mini updates are AI learning and are starting to flag signals like dropped domains for one example. If it’s been dropped and picked up the metrics tank out it gets picked up a year to later the metric fly back on to the scene it seems that Google doesn’t give these any weight anymore.

And I start thinking to myself that Google really does understand that I just bought this domain and I just set it up and within a couple days it had 4000 words of content, 50 images, etc. etc. , social signals out of nowhere etc. etc. So what I’ve determined is that Google with its little mini tweaks which from the research I’ve done is not necessarily algorithmic but is Artificially Intelligently learning to pick upĀ  on these signals. So their superior algorithms have caught on to the up-and-down metrics of the PBN, Web 2.0 and things of this nature.

These tests cost me a lot of money and I have Excel spreadsheets full of emails, web hosts, and registrar’s because I used a different registrar and a different host for every site, and let me tell you, just looking for registrars and hosts is a job in and of itself. So I have come to another conclusion, white-hat SEO is less work than black-hat SEO. Or even gray-hat SEO or whatever the fuck hue of SEO you want to employ.


All-hat SEO is the SEO that works. So what do I do? I go back to the drawing board. I pulled back out my Ahrefs and I start doing white-hat SEO. I start using Majestic’s Click Hunter for link opportunities instead of checking metrics for expired domains. I start studying my competition more. I start digging into their metrics. I start reading great content writers. I start reading great content. I start to duplicate the great content.

I start to write and write my freaking ass off. Next thing you know I have spreadsheets, not full of registrars, hosts, and emails and all that grey-hat black-hat bullshit, but I have Excel spreadsheets full of Link opportunities. Let me just say getting link opportunities, especially using Ahrefs (which is so damn expensive by the way) and Majestic, takes only a couple hours. And then you spend another couple hours sending out prewritten (canned) emails. Email after email cranking them out like an email sending mother freaking machine.

Then to get a virtual assistant and you teach your virtual assistant, for two or three dollars an hour, how to send out these emails. Next thing you know you actually have good backlinks from reputable websites. Backlinks with link juice pointing to good content that you actually wrote yourself.

Now you’re adding value. Now you’re giving Google exactly what it wants. And this whole time you should have been doing that- adding value because that’s what we need to be doing anyway. All that Google wants is for you to add some value and give back to the system that gives you so damn much. And then I had another revelation another epiphany.

The internet has given me everything that I have. The internet has given me and you and so many others so much happiness so much value so much good stuff it’s kind of our duty to give something back. How much did you pay for that great YouTube video that you watched?

How much did you pay Maria for a little ASMR video that rocks you to sleep every night? We don’t pay anything for this stuff. Well, we basically pay an ISP and we get these signals pumped in their homes and it’s just so much value and we don’t even realize we’re getting so much good shit for absolutely nothing.

So that’s where it hit me. I need to be a part of this machine, this wonderful system of great value and treasure trove of great content. A value adding machine that creates wonderful stuff and when you have wonderful stuff (great content) you’re going to have people link to you. You’re going to have people talk about you.

You’re going to have something to offer, something to give back, something people are going to want to talk about. So here’s the conclusion of this rant.

Fuck a Web 2.0 three-tier crappie system or whatever the hell you want to call it. Start creating great content and start creating things that people actually want to know, to see, to talk about. And then let people know where it’s located.

Show them this great article or video or image or info graphic or a little piece of wisdom that they can’t live without and people are going to organically link to you. They’re going to want to link to you. Is it going to be a little bit of work, hell yes! But I promise you it’s not going to be nearly as much work as building a private blog network.

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