My Company Vision Statement: How to set your business reputation.

August 10, 2010 by wsadmin

What does your business do? How does it do it? How is it different from other companies? Your Company was formed with a Vision and if you are unable to share that vision with anyone else, you have a serious problem.  Let’s think for a minute why a company vision statement is so important to the fundamental success of a company. First, your employees, vendors, design team, will all need to share your vision to duplicate it, create it and broadcast it to your clients.  Then secondly, your clients will need to take stock in your vision because, there is nothing better than a satisfied customer that shares their good experience with their friends and family. That’s how you make yourself a reputation over time. Can you explain your Company Vision in 2 sentences right now? If you can’t, maybe it’s time to start working on it. If it’s any longer or more sophisticated than 2 sentences, then who will ever understand you?  How about an example?  Here is an example of a poor and great vision statement for a towing company:

Poor example: We tow and impound vehicles.

Great example: Friendly Las Vegas towing  specialists with safe and secure indoor climate controlled storage. Clean and professional facilities, family owned and operated.

Ok, do you see a difference? Which company would you call first if you read these two options? Look at the words you choose to represent your company and make it ring true. Hang this up in your location or make a small sign and put them next to all your phones to remind you and your employees every minute what you do and how you do it. These words will be used for the life of your business, repeated by employees, clients and customers and if you take the time to make it right, this is where your reputation will manifest itself from.  Remember you set the standard and everyone else follows what you create, or whatever you fail to create.  So if you set the standard and want to be an amazing company, then this is the very first step to being in that top 20% of successful companies.

Let’s wow your clients and get referrals. Remember don’t be afraid to revisit it daily and make adjustments until you find exactly the best way to say it. Make it memorable and be able to deliver it on command, in an elevator, in a meeting, at lunch when meeting someone for the first time. Everyone is curious to know what everyone else does with their life and in business and if yours sounds simple enough and interesting enough, others will take interest and that is the name of the game. You will become what you invent.

Once your vision is understood, allow your network to help you. People are smart and some will surprise you. So long as you have taken the time to broadcast the right message, you will receive back what you are looking for in referrals, clients and opportunities. Without it, you are a sitting duck but with it, you armed and dangerous; ready to meet the world and carve out your companies niche! Best of luck for you. Please feel free to contact us here at the Web Squad. We can help you carve out that perfect Vision Statement.  For us, your vision statement is the starting point to building your logo and a logo then turns into a business card. A business card then starts a website design, and a website broadcasts a message.  That is what we are here to help you do; broadcast your message to the world… So start today, revisit your company vision and ask yourself, does it ring true? If not, make it so!!!

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