Check Your URL Please

October 7, 2009 by wsadmin

While watching a commercial for a local law firm the other day I noticed something weird about their URL when they posted it across the screen.

The law firm is P and A, LLP, and their URL is pretty straight forward, but has a double meaning. It is supposed to read, but when typed out (and displayed on their commercial) reads

If you showed this to someone who has never seen the commercial they would probably read it as, which may lead them to believe that the firm is run by pandas and hurt the credibility of the business.
I’m not discrediting this law firm or their website, I’m just providing a heads up to people who may be looking to make a new website to make sure that they check their websites for alternate meanings. It is well known fact in the business world the first impressions are everything, and on the web you may have 10 seconds to convince a potential client to click through to your website.

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