So your website needs search engine marketing and you want to use oDesk huh?

January 31, 2012 by wsadmin

When To Use Search Engine Marketing – So one of the services The Web Squad provides it’s website design clients and search engine marketing clients that are on payment plans is comment monitoring. By us monitoring these comments we’re afforded several moments of hilarity when we see the results of oDesk. In the recent past we had discovered one of our clients had also been using oDesk in addition to using our services because realistically oDesk is cheap and even-more-so the quality that comes out of that organization is grossly cheap and negligent.

How did we find out about this calamity? Easy, unlike the hacks across seas we actually care about the well being of our clients’ websites and we keep a powerhouse of search engine marketing tools, one of which allows us to track our clients back-links. Soon after we started we noticed back-links popping up that we did not produce and to add insult to injury the back-links that were being produced were coming from websites with little to no Page Rank (PR). In addition to these damaging back-links they were also hot-linked with keywords. I don’t know if you remember me explaining the perils of the two previously mentioned habits on one of my earlier articles but this is a big time no-no for white hat search engine marketers. To say the least our professionals handled the situations swiftly and accordingly after the damage was done.

So why the article after I already reiterated my point? Well, I’m simply posting this in utter shock, while performing one of the above mentioned responsibilities I came across one of my clients’ sites that had been bombarded with spam from Hindu/Indian based hacks who had fooled some American doop that they were capable of performing search engine marketing. Now all of The Web Squad’s websites have Askismet in the back-end but that only protects from automated spam attacks and not human operated ones so those are harder to avoid especially since most of these oDesk crap-chutes are overseas and have randomized internet protocol (ip) addresses, ergo we couldn’t black list the ip as toxic even if we wanted to. However, I will utilize this recent attack to show you why you pay us the modest bucks and why only a fool would use oDesk and it’s mob of cyber hacks.

First let me explain the site that was attacked, there is no public blog on this site at all. Yes we do blog to it for content purposes but it is not visible to users, however a certain section of the site does utilize a system that allows for commenting. However, the way the site is designed would suggest there is no reason whatsoever for the user to actually post comments. So imagine my surprise when I saw 86 developed in the time frame of 72 hours. Now take a look at this…

The above is a perfect example of how grossly negligent and uneducated in the ways of search engine marketing and design these people truly are. I would never do this to any of my clients simply because it causes more damage than good. Now let’s see some of the Shakespearean drivel these oDesk hacks had to say, and what they thought would convince a moderator or administrator to allow for their link and comment to be approved;

“Indisputably believe that that you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the internet the simplest factor to understand. I explain to you, We certainly obtain irked whilst people consider worries they just have no idea regarding. A person were able to strike the toe nail on the very best as well as described out the whole thing without having side-effects , individuals could take an indication. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks”

Now here is where you’ll notice the misuse of the English language. Never mind the fact that this entire comment had absolutely nothing to do with the post that this spammer is commenting on.

“Appreciate it for helping out, excellent information.”

Look at this, classic India garbage. This spammer couldn’t even maintain proper syntax for a sentence no longer than seven words.

“I really like foregathering utile information , this post has got me even more info! .”

Did you mean ‘I really like gathering vital information, this post was highly informative’, o wait, again what was the original post about?

“I got what you mean , regards for putting up.Woh I am happy to find this website through google. Food is the most primitive form of comfort. by Sheila Graham.”

Again, poor grammar, unrelated, and a quote? Really?

“You have a great weblog and I like your style of writing about this sexdate4all stuff. Keep up the good work!”

How classy of you my Hindi friend, not only did you not take the time to learn proper grammar but you also decided to send me a link for something grossly inappropriate. Hats off to you my dear sir, hats off.

Now am I being overly critical? Nope. Your website is your business and your business is your livelihood. Not a single admin would allow for these posts to go through and god help you if they do because Google’s Algo will ping your site. Well anyways, thanks for allowing me to vent but you have to realize that all you’re doing when you go to oDesk is getting below substandard work quality and below sub-standard prices. It is a timeless truth to say ‘You get what you pay for…’

If you’re curious about search engine optimization and marketing for your website feel free to look into my older posts.

When To Use Search Engine Marketing

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