New Website Design for Desert Outfitters

July 22, 2015 by wsadmin

Website Design for Recreational Businesses

Website Design for Recreational Businesses – Steve came to us from another web developer he was working with based out of Jersey. He was very dissatisfied with how that company was working, and the results of the work they had produced for him. He and his father had just finished purchasing 3 companies to make one business. The problem was that he had a website for each, and although one of the websites was doing well it did not have an effective design. Another issue was that he was planing to add tours to his website.

Website Development Process

In the end we combined all of the companies he was pursuing in one website. With the website we created from him he would be able to sell Gold Prospecting supplies, and also book tours for his Adventure Trips. We created a design and it was quickly approved. After approval we had to migrate an existing website that was previously done by another developer. Using the existing database/products we were able to quickly add over 70+ products. Using content provided by the client we were able to add the rest of the website with newly edited graphics and copy.

Website Design Challenges

The biggest challenge was the amount of products the website has. That is the reason the website was held back. Currently the website has about 70-80% of all of the products completed, but the client is still working on getting the rest of the products completed and published.

Website Design Conclusion

The best part of the website is probably how easy it is to navigate through. Another added bonus is the overall design, it looks very well put together, and has good consistency. ?Overall as a project manager Steve was very understanding and forgiving despite the fact that he was battered with his previous developer. In the end he wanted to do more work with us because we were able to get all of his work done in much better quality and with a better communication with his development team.

Website Design for Recreational Businesses

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