The Web Squad Ranks #1 out of 555 million results.

January 18, 2010 by wsadmin

2010/01/18-Las Vegas, NV-The Web Squad’s article ranks number 1 out of 555 million results

The Web Squad blog titled “Are You Getting The Most From Your SEO?” currently ranks number 1 out of 555,000,000 million competing search results and articles for the search term “Are You Getting The Most From Your SEO?”. This article also ranks at number 3 out of 36,200,000 million results for “getting the most from your SEO” , a broader, more searchable keyphrase. While it has become increasingly more difficult to get your information seen in Google as the internet is so rapidly expanding, The Web Squad is staying on top with good old fashion hard work.

Although both queries have the majority of the article’s title in them, the amount of competing traffic is staggering and rising. “When we first published this article on our blog last month it debuted at number 4 out of 225,000,000 million results. This wasn’t unusual since it was just published, but we expected it to drop in the SERP’s fairly quickly…” said The Web Squad, “Instead, the amount of competing results increased as with our ranking.”

The Web Squad said, “We hoped this article would shine some light on the amateur tactics many SEO firms are using”.  Gaining more visibility in the marketplace has always been cornerstone to the methodologies that The Web Squad uses in their Online Reputation Management campaigns and just in this case they have seen an increase faster indexing results in the SERPs as well as stronger rankings. “We feel that low quality SEO and Reputation Management only hurts the customer in the long run. We hope to be the solution.”, said The Web Squad Online Reputation Management Team.

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