The fundamentals of SEO

November 14, 2017 by Teddy DeLeon

The fundamentals of SEO

The fundamentals of SEO

What are The fundamentals of SEO and What can I say about SEO that you cannot find on the web somewhere?
Well, I can tell you about one thing that you probably won’t hear a lot about and that’s how you actually do SEO.

I mean what are the actual processes and procedures you must implement to get the SEO done?
You will see a lot of videos and a lot of content written about SEO but how to actually to do it and do it practically, step-by-step, is very rare to see in video or a blog post.

The fundamentals of SEO

So, let’s begin with a short overview of the things you must do for SEO.
First, we’re going to start with offsite SEO and data reconnaissance.

The first thing you must do is find out what keywords you should target within your niche.
Other SEO’s will say you have to investigate your competition or do on page optimization first but I have found you must find out what keywords to target so that you can truly understand who your competition is, where they interact with potential customers, and how they target their potential customers.

This is really how you must start your on-page optimization also.
On page optimization is going to entail strategically creating content that targets keywords for your individual pages.
Now it is hotly debated if one should optimize individual pages searches services contact page etc. etc. for specific keywords.

I personally pepper keywords all through All pages and specifically target LSI keywords longtail keywords and more specific keywords within my blog posts.
After you get your on-page optimization honed, you then need to start a social media infrastructure that will help you get the word out about your business and or service.

The fundamentals of SEO

After the social media is constructed or the infrastructure of your social media is constructed, it is good to syndicate content from your blog post to social media sites, so you don’t have to keep posting each individual piece of content on each individual social media site every day.

This will not only build no-follow relevant inks back to your website but will help you in semantic search.
Which is essentially a mention of your brand or site within the context of written content. This is just the first of a multipart SEO series.

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