Digital Marketing and Social Media

December 4, 2017 by wsadmin

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Digital Marketing and Social Media


Here at The Web Squad   Las Vegas Digital Marketing is a breeze ans we understand the importance of digital marketing done well. Having a clean and informative website for your business is as critical to the success for your business as having reliable employees. It wasn’t always like this – businesses used to only be able to rely on television commercials, advertisements in newspaper or magazines, radio commercials, and the occasional catalog subscription to draw in new clients. However, with the invention of the Internet and the exponential growth and development of technology that has occurred since then, even older, well-established companies have had to revamp their approaches to advertising to new people, communicating with their clients, and providing general helpful information. If you’re looking for your business to reach the top, you should understand the theory behind and best practices for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is exactly what it sounds like: the practice of using digital media, such as websites and social media accounts, to spread the word about a certain product or service. The main objective of digital marketing pertains to attracting customers and then enticing them to engage with them brand in some respect, even if it’s just visiting a website. The advantage of digital marketing has to do with the rate of communication. While people can complain about customer service representatives all they want, even a response within 24-72 hours is a vast improvement from the early days of having to visit stores in person or even write your inquires via the mail. Not sure how to maximize all the benefits that good digital marketing practices can offer you? Look no further!

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Since digital marketing focuses on actively engaging Internet users, the primary tool that companies and businesses use to their advantage is social media. There are multiple popular social media channels that almost everybody uses for personal reasons, and it’s important that companies stay on top of which social media channels or accounts are the most popular at the current moment. For instance, if you ask your middle-school or high-school age kids what MySpace is, it’s doubtful that they would have ever heard that term, but in the early 2000s, MySpace absolutely was the hottest social media platform in the world. On the flip side, Instagram and SnapChat are two extremely popular social media apps, and companies may be attracted to them due to their potential for visual display marketing (Instagram is a sort of shared digital photo album where SnapChat lets users send photos and videos to each other for a few moments before disappearing). However, it’s highly unlikely that Instagram and SnapChat would draw in much activity or revenue to these companies, because most individuals only use apps like these to follow the activities of close friends or their favorite celebrities, not companies that they have no interest in.

That being said, some social media accounts you should absolutely begin working with include Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. We’ll break them down individually for you. Facebook allows users to post a combination of photos, text statuses, and videos, as well as interacting with other people by commenting on their accounts. Facebook is probably the best account for you to focus on because, while many young people keep their Instagrams private, Facebook is popular with people of all ages, so it’s not uncommon for younger people to interact regularly with their parents and relatives. Since this gives the platform a slightly more “serious” feel, it’s your best bet if you’re trying to draw people in. Study up on popular Internet trends – short video clips with high-quality, bright visuals and upbeat backing music get the most amount of shares and commenting activity.

Digital Marketing Las Vegas

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, and as such, shouldn’t be your primary area of focus. Creating full length (4-10+ minutes long) videos could be a great asset to your marketing technique, but only if they’re well-made enough to be pleasing for a varied audience to watch. But don’t worry – you could always make promotional videos without a YouTube account and share those via other channels. Additionally, Twitter is a social media platform through which users can share short text-based updates or “statuses.” With the rise of Instagram and SnapChat, many people are moving away from Twitter, but those that remain have developed a unique style of interacting. Twitter has becoming something of a hotspot in light of recent political events, as people need somewhere to go to quickly vent some steam. So how can your business fit into this? It’s up to you! You could use a humorous approach or a more formal one.

Hopefully this guide to some popular social media channels will help you organize the assets and time of your business to understand what areas are best worth the investment of those assets. If all else fails, focus on ease of accessibility, a minimalistic and clean design, and plenty of branding visuals such as logos and a cohesive color scheme. Good luck!



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