Internet Marketing and SEO – What You Should Know

June 9, 2017 by wsadmin


Internet Marketing and SEO – What You Should Know

This is an article about internet marketing and search engine optimization and how the two are related.

Internet marketing is the process of putting your brand on the internet and making it available or visible to your target audience.

That is a very simple way of explaining internet marketing, I know. Internet Marketing is such a nuanced art form that there isn’t just one definition that can encompass it.

Search engine optimization goes together with internet marketing. As a matter of fact, search engine optimization is an aspect or facet of internet marketing.

In order for you to market your brand or market your product, business or service you must be visible on the web, and in order to gain visibility on the web you want to be seen within search engines.

Internet Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization does just that, it allows you to be seen in search engines when someone is looking for your product, service or information pertaining to your niche.

So, when I say internet marketing and SEO I am talking about the same thing but at the same time I am talking about two different processes.

Social media marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are all part of the same script.

It takes the aggregate of all of these disparate parts to gain traction on the internet and within search engines.

Creating great content and creating important information around your product or service is how you give potential customers clarity and value when it comes to what they are searching for.

If someone is searching for let’s say vacuum cleaners, and you happen to sell vacuum cleaners, giving them some value according to vacuum cleaners may entail showing motor specs or different manufacturing warranties. A good product evaluation could give some value to your customers also. So, writing a blog post or writing a commentary or something to give your customers value or information pertaining your niche is something that is necessary in modern day internet marketing.

Internet Marketing and SEO

We can go on and on about how to create content or create value around your niche, but what I wanted to do today was create an article about how to get started on internet marketing and SEO.

The first thing you need to do is find people that understand the processes of internet marketing and search engine optimization. The web Squad are just those people.

They can walk you through all the nuances and complexities of search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Sometimes these processes seem daunting, but The Web Squad and their team can put them into perspective using familiar language so that you can get your head around what it is to engage in internet marketing.

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