Google has upgraded The Web Squad’s Page Rank

November 10, 2011 by wsadmin

After several months of tedious and pain staking search engine marketing targeting such key-phrases as website design, las vegas web design and keeping a watchful eye on our online identity Google has decided to bestow upon The Web Squad a Page Rank Score of 4, an upgrade from the previous score of 3.

This is just another fine tuned example of how The Web Squad’s Search Engine Marketing actually works and provides results you can rely on as a small business owner. Here at The Web Squad our Search Engine Marketing Department treats The Web Squad as if it was just another client and do nothing more and nothing less than what we do for another other client who has purchased our Enterprise SEM Package.

Your Google Rank is quite important to your website, more than you could possibly believe. Google uses this rank to determine how relevant your website is to the market you are trying to be found organically in through Google. Google looks at several factors to determine your Page Rank (PR) such as inbound/outbound links, page relevancy via content density, review submissions and etc. At The Web Squad we hammer away at these areas every day for our clients while maintaining the image of authentic content.

If your website is not getting brought up on Google Organically or you’re so far back in the results that you practically do not exist to the end user feel free to contact one of our salesmen at The Web Squad to see what your options are.

Google has upgraded The Web Squad’s Page Rank was last modified: November 10th, 2011 by wsadmin

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