Using SEO Effectively On Page Yoast

July 27, 2016 by wsadmin

Using SEO Effectively On Page

Using Seo – How to truly and really use and get the most out of your Yoast SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO plugin, you must understand, is a little finicky. It will give you bad marks for stop words like in, the, and, but, and it will sometimes not see the content that is posted through other plug-ins. Although Yoast is a very powerful tool. It goes into the code and into?descriptions and metas and inserts all sorts of cool stuff into your WordPress back-end code. What would normally take you days maybe even weeks of going to the HTML and changing, using seo Yoast you can do in minutes. First of all you must understand your keyword. Each page or post must be built around certain keywords and I would suggest putting your best keywords for most common key phrases in your pages and long tail keywords in your posts. For example, if you’re a plumber in Redding California” Plumbers in Redding California” keyword should be in your pages and may be scattered through your front page even. Now on your pages I would suggest the straightforward highest CPC keywords such as plumbers in Redding, very common keywords, or plumbers should be put for your pages elegantly. It should also be the first word or the first phrase in the first paragraph explaining who you are and what you do. For instance Plumbers and Redding and this and that common keyword such and such and so forth.

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It should also be in your meta description, it should be the first thing in your description because in the SERP’s, the search engine response pages, you want it to be the first thing you see.

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So for instance, in your title of the page plumbers in Redding

Using Seo

– Dan’s Plumbing or whatever -right underneath that there’s a little description and you wanted to say plumbers in Redding cheap Plumbing something that grabs them but it must start with “plumbers in Redding” keyword phrase because Yoast really loves that. As far as your posts you want your keywords to be more long tail keywords and be specific, and you want your post to grab your customers. So for instance in the keyword text field in the Yoast plugin Dan the plumber would put “how to stop those incessant shower leaks”. Or “stopping leaks quickly and effectively”. (Dont forget to build your content around the keyword, if your going to help people stop a leak really show them how. Your a plumber and it sounds crazy but it builds value and customers trust me.)?Now Yoast is going to ding you for the stop word and in that long tail key phrase, but just ignore it. You’re going to be tempted to chase the green dot. You don’t want to do that if its a blank Because of the stop words just ignore that. Take your long tail key phrase use it as the title for your post; so “how to stop those pesky leaks” and then put that also in the in your key term text field use that in the first paragraph of the first data or content in your post. Put it into the description your meta description that’s going to be seen in the SERP’s for the search engine response page and you want to have it in a “heading 2” somewhere in the page also. So it’ll be the title in a heading to the first paragraph of the content in your meta description as the key word?and then posted delicately through the post. Somewhere somehow create a link around it back to your home
page underline it don’t get too crazy but make sure that the key phrase is put throughout the post. You also want to have images on all your pages and on your post. Make the images relevant to the content that is on the page you could always find some kind of image that is going to relate to the content on the page. I’ve even found that the check-out page can have a picture of a shopping cart or something that you can put an alt tag reference in that’s going to contain your key word phrase. Again Yoast loves pictures with the alt tag keyword phrase in bedded.


Also put your keyword into the slug which is what you see in the browser address bar.

Using Seo

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