The 3 Pillars of SEO

October 4, 2017 by wsadmin

 The Web Squad team are masters of these three pillars of SEO.

The 3 Pillars of SEO

The processes of SEO have changed dramatically over the years. In the old days you could buy Links, spin content, and basically scam your way to the top of Google.

Nowadays search engine optimization and internet marketing are inextricably connected. What I mean by this is that SEO has become so much bigger than just optimizing your website for search engines.

SEO has become more internet marketing then just an algorithmic trick. You must have amazing content, you must have qualified links or very trusted links coming from trusted sites, and you must have relevant content from within your niche that adds value to a clients or potential customers life.

I’m going to touch on three very important aspects of SEO and internet marketing.

First, is content. Not everybody is an amazing writer, that goes without saying. But if you are engaged daily within a certain niche you do have a certain understanding of that niche; possibly greater than experts and your competition.

Writing great content doesn’t mean being James Patterson or Stephen King it just means you’re able to create some type of content that is going to add value to someone’s life.

The Web Squad team are masters of these three pillars of SEO.

Content is very important, and engaging your customers is the key. Engaging them also means letting them know that you understand their pain, you understand their problem, and you have the capabilities to help them solve it.

A great example is The Web Squad. We understand the frustration and the complication of Internet technologies. We understand that many technology proprietors may overly complicate things and make them seem unattainable.

We can help the small business owner get their heads around these complicated web technologies and put them into terms that the not so tech savvy person can understand.

That is our selling point. We understand that people don’t understand a lot of technologies the web offers.

So, we will break things down for you piece by piece and give you extreme value for free just so you can see that we are not only willing to help you but willing to do it at our own cost and understand what we are talking about.

The process of SEO have a changed dramatically over the years. In the old days you could buy links spend content and basically scam your way to the

So your content should do two things, add value by giving away valuable information, and engage your customer on an emotional level.

The second thing that I want to discuss and which I feel are pivotal in SEO, are links.

Links are not just backlinks from any unreputable or irrelevant/general website.

I’m talking about relevant, virtual votes for your content.

I’m also talking about people loving what you say and believing that you are a reputable source and giving you accolades for those characteristics. That is a true back link.

The 3 Pillars of Las Vegas SEO

If I really find a piece of content engaging or I feel that it has added value to my life and I want other people to see it I will give it a back Link in my content showing that I believe that the other piece of information was very valuable. It also show that the information helped me in coming to a conclusion and an informed understanding of a particular subject which in turn helped me to distill my message for other people.

What I mean by that is when I research something and I’ve taken hours to do it and I find a really engaging pieces of content that I find very intriguing very engaging and very valuable I will link out to that to show that not only do I appreciate what that person has done in their research, and their hard work in creating the content, I will give him or her a vote which says that I feel that their information was very valuable and was engaging and added value to my life. Yes, links are very important.

The third pillar of search engine optimization is social network awareness. To be engaged on social platforms is very important.

Not only is it where your clients reside or where your clients interact but it is a very influential platform to get your message across.

Your content or your value should be displayed on multiple social media platforms. Millennials Gen Xers and people within all demographics live, play, and engage on various social media platforms.

It is incumbent upon the business owner and upon the marketing specialist within an organization to understand where their clients are engaging with one another and how to engage them through these social media platforms.

Whenever you come up with a beautiful piece of content or amazing piece of information make sure that you’re sharing it on social media, and sharing it on multiple social media platforms. This is to make sure that you are targeting the demographic that is going to be a potential customer or client.

The Web Squad team are masters of these three pillars of SEO. We create engaging content that is very valuable, we create and handle social media accounts within just about all social media platforms and get your content out there. And we also know the right people that will give us the right links to create awareness for the content that we create or you create.

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