Search Engine Marketing

Probably the most recent and popular catch phrase is SEM.  Its often miss-used when people think and say SEO many times they should be saying SEM.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of building digital media assets online that add credibility to your website so that your website becomes a more creditable source of information; thus effectively marketing your website to the search engines.

As you become a better source of information, and more websites link up to your website, then you rise in the organic search engine rankings. Now its a little more complicated than just get links, but this is the basic backbone of the concept of SEM.

Its one thing to make a great website and alert Google that you are new on the web and think you should be number #1. Its another thing when thousands of other website have links that point to your website, sighting your website as a source of information.

Its much like building a strong reputation. At the Web Squad we have pre-made plans that you can use that give you bundled services at very competitive prices. Or, you can build your own custom SEM campaign with one of our Service Specialists.

When you have spent the time to build successful a SEM campaign, your website will display in your popular Search Engine Results (SERP’s) as an organic (natural) match. Obviously being on page 1 of Google for your search phrase is a huge leg up in the world. This means more people who are looking for your type of business will find you and visit your website.

The best part is that all these organic clicks everyday are free, unlike Pay Per Click and Googles Adwords accounts where you pay for every click to your website. Once you have a strong SEM Campaign built up you will not need to continue running PPC campaigns for the same key search phrases.?Search Engine Marketing.

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