If you have used Google you have seen Google Ads. They are those “sponsored ads” on the side of search results and certain web pages. These are called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads because advertisers only have to pay when someone clicks their advertisement. However, the cost per click can vary greatly depending on the competition for a given keyword. PPC ads can cost as little as $0.25 per click for low demand key terms to as much as $10.00 per click for high demand key terms. This makes it hard to create a budget around PPC, but Google has tools that make it easier by limiting the amount of times an ad is viewed, the time frame it is viewed in, and allowing you to choose where the ad is seen (i.e. physical region). For those worried about PPC fraud, Google has many security measures in place to prevent this.

The Web Squad can also recognize PPC (Pay Per Click) fraud that have gotten past Google security by comparing your clicks with the traffic being driven to your website. The Web Squad knows how PPC (Pay Per Click) works and how to make it an efficient and effective form of advertising for your business. Our knowledge in advertising paired with our ability to recognize PPC fraud from adware or competitors will make your PPC campaign a safe and viable form of advertising. Google is the premier search engine. Let’s face it if your in Google, your chances of getting found on the web are dramatically increased. Google offers programs in which users can Pay Per Click (PPC). By paying for users to click on your special link to your website you can dramatically improve the number of users that will be exposed to your website. However, just because a user clicked on the link to visit your website, doesn’t mean that the user will do what you want them to do when they visit your website. Google also has a program called Ad Sense, where Google will pay you to place ads on your website and when users click on these ads, Google will pay the owner of the website a certain amount per unique click. A unique click is one that originates from an IP address that is tracked by Google to be unique. Meaning if you click on your own ad and then click on it again 2 seconds later, Google will recognize your IP address and will not count the second click, whereby excluding the clicks on that same IP address for 24 hours. And IP address is like a street address for a house. Every computer connected to the internet has to be on an IP address, some computers share the same IP address, while some do not. Most of these things can be tracked using other methods as well such as storing a cookie on your hard drive, reading your MAC address which is unique, or by setting a session variable. This is all slightly off subject, but important to understand the search engine methods.

The important thing is that your website has original content, and be unique in that it offers a good or service that others may want. If you had your website constructed here at The Web Squad, then you’re well on your way to being found in search engines and simply need to keep adding fresh content to your website and expanding your network of other websites linking to you. Once these things are in motion, placing ads in Google is like jumpstarting the natural flow of traffic to your website. And that’s always a good idea to do, if the rest of your website is constructed correctly.

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