Website Design Las Vegas

Website Design Las Vegas – At The Web Squad we realize there are two distinct types of customers, the experienced do-it-yourself, web conscious type that needs a professional website built and is willing to host and manage it on their own. For these customers, our ownership option is what appeals to them and what motivates them. On the other side, our service plans cater to the busy entrepreneur who needs our Web Squad hosting and website management team on standby ready to execute and update changes on demand. Both purchase options are available, you choose; Ownership or Service Plan.

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Small Business Website

Our small business website package is perfectly suited for informative purposes. With this web site package you can display the details of your company and put the spot light on it’s benefits. Up to (6) custom designed content pages MOBILE site w/ responsive design (1) Hour of custom monthly web updates No animated slider
Per Month
or Own for $1570

All Service Plans Include:

ONE (one time) 1-2 hour back-end training session. That is RIGHT! We give you access and train you on how to make edits to your website, so any time that you feel like going in and making content edits, you can have the full advantage to make the changes as often as you please.
Dedicated Project Manager SEO compliant w/ Metadata, H1/H2 tags Royalty free hi-res stock photography
Secure business grade webhosting (1) Domain registration and routing Up to 50 email forwarding accounts
Website back-end CMS training Integrated Google analytics Fully responsive mobile website

Website Upgrades & Add Ons

  • SHOPPING CART: Sell products, services and downloadable......$850
  • BOOKING SYSTEM: Sell time or date based products............$750
  • MEMBERSHIP: Assign customers to groups........................$450
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: Manage recurring payments.........................$450
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: Promote using affiliates.................$450
  • SLIDER: Animated slider or element.....................................$350
  • FACEBOOK STORE: Publish your cart to Facebook..............$350
  • PACKAGE TRACKING: Send parcel tracking via email.........$250
  • XTRA PAGES: Add extra pages to your web plan....................$150
  • CONTENT WRITING: Priced per page of written content......$75


Website Service Plans bundle the hosting, management, backup and update service you will need for your business in one monthly flat fee while you are paying off the residual cost of the website. Once final payment is made, you own the full website. Our website service plans give you all the award winning custom design that a custom built website would without the large price tag. It's like having your own design team and not having to pay the full price. All 2 year service plans include the fully responsive mobile version of your website, 1-3 hours per month for updates (depending on your plan), hosting, backup service, and your own dedicated project manager to oversee the build. When you add up all the value in our new website service plan, it's hard to imagine going anywhere else. Add in the fact that our store front is available for an anytime drop-ins and that we are reachable with upfront pricing and you'll soon see The Web Squad difference. We build websites with a unique process. We design your site based on your business and needs starting from a blanck canvas using Photoshop and then revising that with you until you love your design. Then we code it into a functional website. This is the main difference in quality between our process and you template driven developers. With a template you start with something and change a few colors to hopefully make work for your company. With Web Squad, we design it custom for your business and then turn it into a functionable website that you can add too as you grow. There is a big difference in this approach and we invite you to talk to one of our media specialists about your business website. Please review our Website Service Plans below and see if one fits your needs. Remember we can always create something more custom but for most Small Businesses one of the Service Plans will fit your needs. Call our store to speak with a Media Specialists about your next project: (702) 450-5500.