Bowtown Global VIP Services built by The Web Squad Las Vegas Web designers and SEO/SEM company.

What an incredible Website! Nice touch from the Squad!

After a realizing we needed a complete remodel and expansion of services from our original website, we turned to The Web Squad for some advice and a full re-build, re-brand including new logo design to kick off the new and improved Botown Global website. We decided that expanding service and a much larger website was necessary to grow the company and a great web designer was needed. In the end we have added a great deal of content and Web Squad’s project managers and team where with us every step of the way. What started out as a mid-sized website grew into a very large content rich site and we owe a great thanks to the crew at Web Squad for keeping it looking amazingly clean and organized with so much rich content. ?Thanks Web Squad!!! See you at the office with more updates coming soon..

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