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Do you currently have a logo? Is it in Vector format?

Best Custom Design Las Vegas – If your current logo is not in Vector format you are not enjoying the?benefits?of having a company logo. If you need your logo vectorized, we are here to help.

Logo Vectorization

Logo vectorization is the process of digitally enhancing your logo, making it sharper, resizable and provides a higher resolution of your old logo image allowing you to use your new vector logo for multi purposes like: printing billboards, embroidery, screen printing, business cards and many more.

Upon completion, The Web Squad will supply you with your vector logo in any image format of your choice.

Our logo vectorization vector files can be resized to any extent without any distortion and we guarantee satisfaction.




Need to brand your business?

What is a logo? A logo is a brand that represents your company. It is a combination of colors and patterns that is relevant and unique to your business.

Logo Development

At The Web Squad we walk you through our logo development process to understand who you are and what you do by ultimately creating your business statement that defines who you are and what you do in five seconds or less which will be represented by your logo. At The Web Squad we aim at providing you with a unique and artistic logo that defines your business just by looking at it. ?Every successful business that you can think of has a trademark logo that you recognize, either by their unique colors or patterns. What are you waiting for? Lets start developing your brand

Here are some tips to keep in mind in the process of us developing YOUR logo:

Choose simple fonts : Most complex looking fonts might be very attractive at first, but keep in mind you logo must be displayed and printed on a variety of items. For example, a font like Times New Roman looks good when its printed, but is not so readable on a computer screen. Company logos are usually used on a letterhead, business cards and other printed material as well as on display media such as Computer and TV screens. So go for fonts that look great in any platform.

Use Vector Graphics: If your logo draft is hand drawn, we will vectorize your logo draft in the process of building your logo. Using a vector graphic has one BIG advantage. A vectorized logo allows you to upscale?or?downscale?to any proportion without losing it’s clarity and edge. This becomes very important when you put up your logo on large banners or hoardings.

Choose minimum colors: A colorful logo might appear very attractive when viewed on a computer, but has serious drawbacks. Imagine you choose to order t-shirts or coffee mugs with your logo embroidered or printed, the printing company will ask for you to choose one or two colors to use, if you have extra colors that will incur an extra charge. It will also be harder for them to color match everything if the colors are too diverse. Choose colors that have minimum and are easily reproducible, that will make your life much easier and will bring your printing or embroidery price down.

Those are just some tips to keep in mind for a well-designed logo.

Check out our logo work: OUR LOGO DESIGNS

Check out how these big companies have developed their logos and have grown and simplified the logo over time. SIMPLE LOGOS…. Are SIMPLY the BEST!

1. Microsoft




2. Google


3. Apple


4. Walmart


5. Pepsi


6. MC


7. Nike


8. Shell


9. IBM


10. Kodak


11. Canon


12. Nokia


13. Ford


14. VW


15. Xerox


16. BMW













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